Vaccination in Bangladesh: FM says over 15 lakh received shots so far

Dhaka, Feb 18 (UNB): More than 15 lakh people have got vaccinated against Covid-19 in Bangladesh since the country launched vaccination drive on February 7, said Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen on Thursday.
“Why there’s a worry about the vaccination? It’s so easy that I didn’t feel anything while getting vaccinated! It’s a matter of delight that that over 15 lakh people have already got the vaccine shots… I’ve heard that the vaccination drive is moving on smoothly,” he said.
The minister was talking to reporters after taking the first shot of Covid-19 vaccine at Sheikh Russel National Gastroliver Institute.
He also thanked the Prime Minister, the Health Minister and the staffers and employees under the Health Ministry for carrying out the vaccination drive very smoothly.
Only 30 to 35 countries have got vaccines as many developed nations are yet to get that, he said adding that it has been available in Bangladesh so quickly only for the prudent steps taken by the Prime Minister.
“I remember the day when the Prime Minister said we’ve to get the Covid-19 vaccine once it is developed. We contacted many countries and organisations for the vaccine before it is developed so that each person in Bangladesh can gets it.”
Vaccine for all
“We’ve made a strong call that so that everyone in the world gets the vaccine. This is for public good …so no one should be left behind. We need a big partnership with countries and a political commitment from them to help each other,” the Foreign Minister said.
Replying to a question, he said, “I wish those who elected me get the opportunity first to take the vaccine shots!”
In response to a query over the vaccination of foreign diplomats, the Dr Momen said, “It is a continuous process. They’ll get the vaccine under a regular process.”
The government started administering Covid-19 vaccine to foreign diplomats on February 10 with 30 diplomats receiving it on the first day.
The government launched the countrywide mass Covid-19 vaccination drive on February 7.
The doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine that Bangladesh collected from India’s Serum Institute have been sent to hospitals across the country to make the vaccination drive a success.
Meanwhile, the government has trained physicians and nurses to carry out the vaccination drive. So far, top government officials, Cabinet members, judges, policemen, along with general people, have received the vaccine.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on February 8 instructed the authorities concerned to bring down the age limit of vaccine recipient s from 55 years to 40 to expand and accelerate the drive.
Once one receives the first dose, the second one has to be taken within 8 to 12 weeks.