Virus attack on shrimp, lobster farms in Bagerhat

Shrimp and lobster farms in Chitalmari, Fakirhat and Mollahat upazilas
in Bagerhat district have been attacked with virus diseases, according
to reports received here.  If the virus diseases in the shrimp and
lobster farms cannot be controlled immediately the cultivators will
have to incur a heavy loss, it is apprehended.
By this time shrimps and lobsters already died in many fish
enclosures, suffering cultivators said. Medicines are being used in
the affected fish farms. But there is no effective result. Finding no
other alternative the cultivators are running after the religious
saints (Fakirs, Sadhus and Ojhas) in order to save their fish farms
from the attack of the virus diseases.
It is learnt from fishery officers Of Chitalmari, Fakirhat and
Mollahat Upazilas that there are as many as 42 thousand 3 hundred
farms of shrimps and some species of white fish on 23 thousand
hectares of lands. It is also learnt from Tauhidul, Rezaul, Hirak and
some other traders of fish fries of Faltita, the biggest wholesale
market of cultivated fish like shrimps, lobsters etc. of the district
and Nizam, Pankaj and Shaheb Ali, traders of fish fries of Chitalmari
market that though there is an acute crisis and high prices of fries
of shrimps and lobsters, produced in hatcheries they supplied 3 crores
40 lakh fish fries to the different fish farms of those areas. But a
large number of them already died due to virus arrack. According to
their opinions, generally the long front legs of the lobsters are
damaged and blisters appear on the bodies of the attacked shrimps.
It is also learnt from the cultivators that 2 thousand shrimps in a
fish farm on 2 bighas of lands belonging to one Bijan Roy of Kharia
under Chitalmari Upazila, 20 thousand in a fish farm belonging to one
Makhan Majumdar of village Dumuria, 50 thousand in a fish farm on 5
Bighas of lands belonging to Nurul Islam. 2.5 lakh in the fish farm on
a plot of lands of 40 Bighas belonging to Palash Majhi of village
Khilgati, and 15 thousand in a fish farm belonging to one Kanu of
village Roygram under the same Upazila died due to virus attack. It is
also learnt that 80 thousand shrimps in a fish farm on a plot of lands
of 10 Bighas belonging to one Saraj Majumdar of village Goalbari under
Fakirhat Upazila and 60 thousand in a fish farm on a plot of lands of
8 Bighas belonging to Tapan Biswas of village Putia under the same
Upazila already died.
A number of correspondents visited the affected areas and came to know
that fries of both shrimps and lobsters were not produced in
sufficient quantity in the Bay of Bengal this year as the salinity in
the sea water is not high in comparison with the past years. Inspite
of that the fish cultivators of the areas borrowed money from the
money lenders at higher rate of interest, purchased the fish fries at
a higher rate and released them in their respective fish farms. But
unfortunately these have been affected by virus.  According to their
opinions, 50 per cent or more fries already died due to virus attack.
But fishery officers of the affected Upazilas disclosed to many that
they have not been informed of the virus attack of shrimps and
On the other hand, fish cultivators Tushar of Khariar Bill (wet
lands), Manik Mondol of Binnabari under Chitalmarri Upazila and Ashim
Biswas of Kodalia Bil under Mollahat Upazila tell the newsmen that
water logging prevails in both Kodalia and Kharia bills. According to
them, shrimps and lobster may be attacked with virus diseases due to
water logging in the areas.
They also pointed out that the use of excessive quantity of fish feed
in the fish farms might also be the causes behind the outbreak of
virus diseases. -Our Correspondent

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