Walton Offers to Exchange Old TVs with New Ones

Since the invention in the late 19th to early 20th century, television opened the door of endless amusement to humankind. A television (TV) not only makes your family moments more enjoyable but also enhances the aesthetics of your home. The continuing technological advancements have made the TVs smarter, functional, and gorgeous more than ever before. However, the price tags are also soaring at the same pace. But still, some reliable brands are offering TV deals under reasonable price ranges. Read this article to know about Walton TV offers in Bangladesh 2020.

Walton TV Exchange Offer in Bangladesh 2020
Do you want to replace your old TV with a new one but can’t afford the price during the pandemic situation. Don’t worry! Walton electronics brand has brought an exciting offer titled ‘TV Exchange Mela’. Under this initiative, the domestic customers can purchase LED TVs, Smart LED TVs, Smart Voice Control TVs, and 4K TVs manufactured by Walton at a discounted price in exchange for used televisions of any brand. You can take benefit of this offer, even if your old TV is faulty or dysfunctional.

Walton 4K Smart LEDFor instance, under this exchange offer, the regular price of a 32-inch Walton TV can be reduced at BDT 21,500 from its regular price BDT 24990. The 39-inch Walton would cost only BDT 25,900 instead of its regular price of BDT 29,900. For buying a 55-inch 4K Walton TV you have to pay BDT 90,900 against the regular price 99,900. The local multinational Brand Walton launched this offer on February 10, 2020. Grab this offer as soon as possible before it is gone!

Walton 24-inch TVs under 15000: Low Budget TV Deals
If you are looking for televisions under 15000, look into the Walton TV store. Walton is offering some low budget TVs including model W24D19, W24D20, and W24D21. Under the price range of BDT 10,900 to 12400, these TVs feature a 610mm (24-inch) screen size, 16:9 aspect ratio, 178-degrees of viewing angle, 1366 by 768 resolution, and 1200:1 contrast ratio.

If you are looking for larger screen size, pick the model W32F110 featuring an 813mm (32-inch) screen for BDT 14,990. Under the exchange offer, you can avail of a discount of BDT 1000 to 2000 on these TVs. Certainly, it is a win-win deal for young professionals.

Walton 32-inch TVs under 25000: Budget TV Deals
Walton is offering a versatile collection of TVs for customers of all financial status. The TV models WD1-EF32-SV110, W32E110, and WD326JX-150 are available at around BDT 17000. Under the exchange offer, the price rests around BDT 15000. The main features include Screen size 813mm (32-inch), Resolution 1366 x 768, Viewing angle 178-degree, and Aspect ratio 16:9.

People who are on the search for Smart TVs under BDT 20,000, Walton won’t disappoint them too. You can buy Walton Smart TV WE4-DH32-HN220 (813mm) for BDT 19,900. In this TV you get a screen size 813mm, Android 7.0 (AOSP), Built-in internal memory of 8 GB, Dolby Digital Sound System, ARM Cortex A53 Quad-Core processor, and super fast in-built Wi-Fi with router antenna. Increasing the budget up to BDT 22,900, you can grab more advanced Smart TVs like WD4-EF32-SV220 (813mm) or WE4-DH32-BX220 (813MM).

Do you want to control your TV with a voice instead of a remote? Walton TV models like WD-EF32V (813mm) and WE-DH32V (813mm) can fulfill your dream. Under the price range of BDT 23,500 to 24,990, these Voice Control SMART LED TVs are blessed with the Voice Search HD features. And, the other features remain quite similar to the previously mentioned Walton Smart LED TVs. You can save up to BDT 3000 on these TVs availing the exchange offer.

Walton 39 inch TVWalton 39 to 43-inch Smart TVs under 45000 in Bangladesh
Do you love watching movies or TV series on a large screen? Walton 39-inch Smart LED TVs can make your movie times much enjoyable. Spending only 25,500 you can own a Walton TV WE396AFH-150. It offers a screen size of 991mm or 39-inch with a full HD resolution of 1920 by 1080. Its outstanding contrast ratio (5900:1) out-wins many pricier competitors.

Walton’s 43-inch Smart LED TV series could be a great choice for people with a capacious living room. Wanton TV models including WD1-TS43-FV100, WD4-TS43-KS220or WD4-TS43-DL220 are available under the price range of BDT 30,990 to 34,900. The key features include screen size: 1.09m (43-inch), Aspect ratio 16:9, FHD Resolution 1920 x 1080, Viewing angle 1780-degree, and Contrast ratio 3000:1.

What if you get the voice control feature on a 43-inch TV? Grab Walton VOICE CONTROL FHD SMART LED WD-TS43V or WE-MX43V under the price range of BDT 36,900 to 43,900. On these TVs, you can get a discount up to BDT 5000 under the exchange offer.

Walton 4K TVs in Bangladesh 2020
If you want to embellish your adorable home with a top-notch elegant TV available in the country, don’t miss the Walton 4K TVs. You may know that a 4K TV set features 4K resolution. In detail, a 4K television offers 3,840p (horizontal) by 2,160p (vertical), with 8.3 million pixels in total.

Another fascinating feature of Walton 4K TVs is the 1.397m or 55-inch large screen. Now you can feel the delight of watching movies in a movie theater while staying at home. It is certainly a windfall during the ongoing CoronaVirus pandemic situation. Walton 4K TV models include WD4-MT55-VC100 and WE55RU for the price tag BDT 99,900. Under the exchange offer, the price plunges to BDT 90,900!

Which is the Best Walton TV Offer in Bangladesh 2020?
Not every customer is looking for the same feature while buying a television. So far we have reviewed a bunch of Walton TVs under different price ranges. If you are a young professional with a low budget, pick a 24-inch Walton TV. While 32-inch Walton TVs are a nice choice for families with a medium budget. People with huge living rooms can grab 43-inch Smart TVs with voice control features. And, those who always prefer the best appliances for their luxurious home should not miss the Walton 55-inch 4K TVs.

The exchange offer deal and price tags may change upon company policy. Every Walton TV comes with 6 months of conditional Replacement Guarantee with an LED Panel warranty for 4 Years, Spare Parts for 2 Years, and Free Service for up to 5 Years. For further information, you can contact the Walton website and showrooms.