Dhaka Wari lockdown ends

Dhaka, July 25: At the end of a 21-day lockdown at Wari to curb the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19), the Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) lifted restrictions on the Old Dhaka area from 12:00 am Saturday. The authorities have no plan to extend lockdown further as the infection rate has reduced compared to the first two weeks of lockdown, a press release of the DSCC said today.
DSCC councillors of the area are continuing awareness programmes through loudspeakers to motivate people to maintain social distancing and health guidelines.
Coronavirus testing booths, e-commerce and other facilities will continue till July 30, the release added.
Meanwhile, from July 4 to July 22, 309 residents of the area were tested for coronavirus and 80 were found positive for the highly transmissible virus.