Wear masks at mosques, Islamic Foundation asks Bangladeshis

In an effort to tackle the possible second wave of Covid-19, the Islamic Foundation on Monday urged Muslims to wear masks before coming to mosques to offer prayers.

It made the request a day after the government directed people of all faiths to wear masks while visiting places of worship across the country apprehending a second wave of the Covid-19 might hit Bangladesh during winter.

The Islamic Foundation also asked the mosque management committee, Imams, Khatibs, and teachers to take necessary steps in this regard.

It also directed to ensure that devotees enter mosques wearing masks, announce the directives through mosque loudspeaker before the prayers, to hang banners about the matter and follow health guidelines before entering mosques.

All places of worship have been requested to announce the directives regularly through their loudspeakers or megaphones, it added. On October 25, the government made wearing masks mandatory for seeking services.

source: UNB