13 rail stations lie dormant in Cumilla

Thirteen railway stations in Cumilla have been lying inactive for the last 12 years for the lack of manpower, causing sufferings to the commuters and forcing people to use alternative – and often costlier – modes of transportation.The stations include – Doulatganj, Khila, Bipulasar, Nauti, Ali Shohor, Mainamati, Razapur, Shahtoli, Moishadi, Balakhal and Shahrasti. Railway sources say some more stations will soon follow suit.
Stations that have been closed down are now safe spots for drug addicts and destitute, locals said.
Many trains still make stopover at some of the closed stations and some passengers take advantage of the situation and travel without tickets.
Trains allowed people to commute faster and at cheaper rates.
Shah Mohammad Alamgir Khan, President of Sujon, Cumilla, said the closure of the stations pushed up expenditure of the people. “Now it takes more time and money to travel,” he said.
Nasir Uddin, an official of Chattogram Railways Divisional Transport, said the stations have been lying inoperative due to the lack of manpower.
“We’ve requested the authorities concerned to recruit more people. The stations will be opened in the next two to three months,” he said, reports UNB from Cumilla.