A day that’s been five years in the making: Barack

Mostafa Kamal,
Tomorrow is a day that’s been five years in the making.
In the aftermath of the killing of Trayvon Martin, I called on Americans to take action on behalf of our nation’s boys and young men of colour. It was a call to love our neighbor’s child recolour much as we love our own; to make sure every child felt valued, safe, and supported by their community; and to help these young men see hope and opportunity in their future. Because we are all our brother’s keeper.
Since then, that mantra has become a movement. Today, the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance consists of nearly 250 communities nationwide whose local, government, and business leaders have committed to break down the barriers that too often leave boys and young men of color at a disadvantage.
Tomorrow, I’ll join members of the Alliance in Oakland for MBK Rising!—a celebration of the progress we’ve made and a charge to keep pushing our work forward. I’ll be joined by hundreds of young men—as well as Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors—to take questions and have a frank conversation about the challenges and opportunities our young men face.
I want to thank you for signing up to watch this discussion. We’ll send you a reminder to tune in just before our livestream begins tomorrow.
Despite the struggles and setbacks that continue to confront these young men, I’ve also seen real hope. For as difficult as this work can sometimes be—as uphill as the march sometimes feels—we’ve seen meaningful triumphs that are worth celebrating. Every day, young men are succeeding despite their circumstances, and then turning around to open up doors for others.
Every day, community leaders who deserve more resources keep fighting to repair broken systems. Every day, we’re rising—together.
America’s future depends on the future of our boys and young men of color. And it also depends on you. Each of us has a role to play in this effort. So I hope you’ll ask yourself what more you can do to help these young men fulfill their potential and create an even stronger America.
Because we’re stronger when we field a full team.
Thank you again for everything you’re doing already. I hope you’re as encouraged by the work ahead as I am.
Please join me by tuning in tomorrow: https://go.obama.org/mbk-rising-tomorrow
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