2 cattle lifters arrested in Bagerhat

Two cattle lifters were caught red-handed while they were fleeing away
after lifting one cattle head from the village Betaga under Fakirhat
Upazila in the district at a night recently, according to a report
received here.They are Mosharaf Shaikh (30), of village Maskata under the same
Upazila and Alauddin Shaikh (20), of village Baliadanga under
Batiaghata Upazila in Khulna of district.
Golam Mostafa, Officer-in-charge of Fakirhat PS told  that at the
night of occurrence a cattle head belonging to one Khokon Chandra Das
of village Betaga was stolen by the cattle lifters from his cow shed
and  were  fleeing away. Being informed of the matter the police on
duty raided the area and arrested the cattle lifters along with the
cattle. In this connection Khokon Chandra lodged a case with the
Fakirhat PS. The Officer-in-charge also discloses that the arrested
cattle lifters are engaged in this profession for long. They used to
lift cattle heads from the different places of the area and sell the
same to the butchers of Khulna district town.
(Our Correspondent)

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