20-Party for UN-led int’l probe of all violence in Bangladesh

The BNP-led 20-party opposition alliance on Sunday called for carrying out an international probe under United Nations into all acts of sabotage including extra judicial killing, violation of human rights and fire bombings.
“Let the perpetrators those involved in acts of violence including mass killing, extra judicial killing, kidnapping, fire bombing and violation of human rights mass killing are identified and tried after carrying out an international investigation under the UN,” said BNP joint secretary general Salahuddin Ahmed yesterday.In a press statement issued from an undisclosed location, he accused the “ruling party terrorists” of trying to shift the responsibility of fire bombings after carrying out all the acts of sabotage to create excuse for carrying out repression on opposition leaders and activists.
“At all levels of movement we had called upon the alliance leaders and activists as well as the people to observe all programmes peacefully but the ruling class continued its conspiracy to identify the ongoing mass movement as acts of terrorists and militants,” he said.
The BNP leader alleged that despite arrest of ruling party elements of terror caught in different districts along with petrol bombs, firearms and crude bombs were set free at the directives of the government.
He alleged that the desire of the AL to hang on to power is the main reason behind the current political impasse.
“The unilateral decision of AL leader Sheikh Hasina to abolish the caretaker government system has brought in the miseries to national life,” he said.
He called upon the party leaders and activists and countrymen to carryout the ongoing programme peacefully and said the movement would continue until the victory of the people is achieved. – Staff Reporter