25 Bangladesh missions miss export targets

Twenty-five of the Bangladesh missions abroad could not achieve their export targets for the July-January period of the current fiscal (2012-13), mostly because of the slow pace in export growth.

Key Bangladesh missions like Washington, London, Berlin, Rome and Brussels failed to achieve their July-January export target while some other important missions –- Paris, Madrid, Ottawa and The Hague –- have achieved their respective target for the period.

The export earnings for the July-January period of the current fiscal totaled $ 15,154.01 million against the strategic target of $ 15,448.00 million, showing a growth of 8.83 percent over the corresponding period of the last fiscal (2011-12).

The total export earnings for the last fiscal (2011-12) amounted to US$ 24,287.66 million, which was 8.35 percent less than the strategic target of $ 26,500 million.

Of the 44 Bangladesh missions abroad, 19 met their export targets for the July-January period of the current fiscal, according to the latest statistics provided by the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB).

The 19 well-performing missions are Paris, Madrid, Ottawa, The Hague, Stockholm, Canberra, Hong Kong, Dubai, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur, Cairo, Jakarta, Tashkent, Manama, Muscat, Bangkok, Riyadh, Manila and Kuwait.

Of the 25 Bangladesh missions that could not achieve their seven-month target, exports still marked a rise for 12 of them over the corresponding period of the 2011-12 fiscal. These missions are Tokyo, Ankara, Beijing, New Delhi, Washington, London, Berlin, Seoul, Doha, Katmandu, Nairobi and Yangon.

However, 13 missions –- Tehran, Rabat, Brussels, Singapore, Islamabad, Colombo, Hanoi, Rome, Brunei, Pretoria, Amman, Tripoli and Thimpu –- saw exports decline during the July-January period of the current fiscal compared to the same period of the previous fiscal (2011-12).

The EPB figures revealed that out of the 16 Bangladesh missions having commercial wings, only seven could achieve their respective export target while nine others failed to achieve their targets.

The seven missions with commercial wings, which achieved the export targets, are in Paris, Madrid, Ottawa, Canberra, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Moscow.

Although the remaining nine commercial wings could not achieve the target, but earnings of seven of them still saw increase over the 2011-12 fiscal. These are in Washington, Berlin, London, Tokyo, New Delhi, Beijing and Yangon.

The 19 Bangladesh missions that succeeded in achieving their targets for the July-January period of current fiscal accounted for $ 4,575.28 million while the export earnings of the remaining 25 missions, which failed to achieve the targets, totaled $ 10,131.65 million.

The highest earning over the seven-month period, some $ 3,257.03 million – almost one-fifth of total exports – was registered by the Washington mission, followed by the mission in Berlin, which accounted for $ 2,354.12 million and London $ 1,686.14 million.

The strong showing from EU member states continued with the Madrid mission fetching $ 741.42 million during the July-January period.

Next was the Bangladesh mission in Italy, which earned almost $ 578.35 million, followed by missions in Ottawa and The Hague, with approximately $ 639.38 million and $ 645.50 million respectively. The New Delhi mission managed to fetch $ 323.28 million. UNB

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