On drought and flood

According to a report recently published in the international ‘Beefsite Newsletter’ thousands of cattle is dying due to severe drought in South Africa. It has been said that the present drought is the most devastating one in the past 20 years. I think other countries including Bangladesh should take lesson from this unfortunate natural calamity. Importance should be given on monitoring water situation and efficient water management plus keeping a reserve of cattle feeds.Another recent media report stated about the serious flood caused by incessant heavy rain in the Indian city of Chennai (in the State of Tamil Nadu) and adjoining areas. The flood was caused due to filling of canals and water ways running through the Chennai city for constructing buildings. Due to the sudden flooding, life in Chennai city came to stand still; school and colleges had to be closed. In fact, our mega city Dhaka is also in the same condition as that of Chennai. Most canals and drains in Dhaka are either clogged or blocked which causes flash floods even after a short rainfall. Of course the present government is trying to re-excavate the blocked and filled canals and water ways. More actions are needed to create a sound drainage system for the quick discharge of rain water in and around the Dhaka city.
Yours truly,
Professor M Zahidul Haque
Department of Agricultural Extension & Information System
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University