Efface bloodstain in Palestine

Royal iris
Trampled under the boots
Of brutal Israeli soldiers!
Their only errand
Is to staining hands
With fresh bloods of-
People and children of Palestine!No weapon, no war-plane
To retaliate –
Only handful of stones thrown
At the savage Israeli army men!


Palestine’s Sunbird-
Continuing her mission
To deliver message across
The mountain-
Intimating the Nature,
The heart-rending plight
Of the people of Palestine!

Little girl Faduma
Didn’t broken down
On destroying her doll house
By the bombing from Israeli war plane.
Still, courageously they encountering
Bullets and baton-
Charged by the bloodthirsty
Israeli military men!

Would the magnanimous
People of the Universe
Raise concern to stop genocide-
And efface the bloodstain
Of bleeding people and
The children of Palestine?
(Poem composed and dedicated by Prof. M Zahidul Haque of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka to the brave people and children of Palestine who are fiercely fighting for the independence of
their homeland; victory is not far!)