80 percent childbirths in pvt hospitals in BD Caesarean

Dhaka, Sept 11 – Over 80 percent of the deliveries in private hospitals in Bangladesh are caesarean, but half of them are unnecessary what health researchers criticize unethically motivated for grabbing a market of Tk 1200 crore leaving higher risks of complicacies to the mothers.Speaking at a press conference in the city health researchers yesterday said, expecting mothers are often compelled to undergo surgery in panic but despite excessively higher payments, they are put in various long-term troubles following deliveries.
The press conference held at the premises of Impulse Hospital at Tejgaon was addressed by three physicians – Dr. Md. Toufiq Islam, Senior Consultant of National University Hospital, Singapore, Dr Jinnurain Jaigirdar, Senior Consultant, University Hospital Waterford.
Dr Kazi Nafiza Hamid, Senior Consultant, Portiuncula University Hospital, Ireland made presentation on unique techniques for introducing painless normal delivery services at Impulse Hospital.
The health researchers found a business behind the tendencies of a vested quarter in alluring expecting mothers opt cesarean deliveries.
In this backdrop, painless normal delivery is a relief for the expecting mothers which have become highly popular in the developed countries.
In her presentation, Dr Kazi Nafiza Hamid claimed that Impulse Hospital, a modern facility at Tejgaon – the heart of the capital Dhaka, has brought relief to the expecting mothers by facilitating normal but painless delivery.
‘It has a dedicated team of anaesthesiologists to provide round-the-clock service, and ensure painless and normal delivery. All the doctors are trained in providing labour analgesia and dealing with any problems that may arise, she said.
To strengthen its existing team, a group of three foreign specialist doctors are now in Dhaka to provide hands-on training through workshops and conduct delivery as well during their four-day stay.
In developed countries, patients expectations for painless normal delivery are high and they demand comfortable post-operative course with no pain. Even childbirth, though a natural process, is expected by patients to be pain free, said Dr Nafiza.
Describing the procedure of Epidural Analgesia, she said it involves infusion of local anaesthetic into the epidural space that gives the best pain relief during labour and patients will be totally pain free.
In developed countries, 100 percent of patients in labour gets epidural anesthesia where cross team cooperation and a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve this goal are essential. This needs an appropriate set-up and facilities comprising of obstetrician, anesthetist and good labour ward nursing staff and can never be achieved by an obstetrician working in isolation, she further added.
Epidural once administered properly will give full relief of labour pain and it has no side effect on the progress of labour, she said.
During a four-day programme at Impulse Hospital, they will conduct painless normal delivery as well as provide hands-on trainings to local physicians through workshops.
Prof. Dr Zaheer Al-Amin, managing director of Impulse Health Services and Research Center Ltd delivered welcome speech at the press conference.
He said, mothers undergoing caesarean delivery face numerous difficulties as it is an operation which can be avoided through normal delivery. Since normal delivery in as painful as heart-attack, mothers want to avoid it but through c-section delivery they are put into a life-long health troubles which is often highly expensive.
For normal painless delivery, what requires is an ultra-modern pre-delivery, delivery and post-delivery system well equipped with an experienced synchronized labor team and an anaesthesia team. Impulse Hospital is the only health centre having all those preparations and so it is committed to provide the best painless normal delivery services. – Staf Reporter