ACSU report on BPL corruption delayed

There will be more delays in the submission of the ICC’s Anti-Corruption and Security Unit report on alleged cricket corruption in the Bangladesh Premier League, according to BCB president Nazmul Hassan.The last time he spoke to the media on June 4, he had said that the report would be available within “five or six days”, but the ACSU officials reportedly visited Dhaka last week too, and were continuing their investigation.
“As far as I know the ACSU left the country on Thursday [June 13],” Hassan told the Dhaka-based the Daily Star. “They could not meet me since I wasn’t in the country but I have been told that it will take one more week for them to submit the report.
“I don’t know how they are going to send the report to us. The ICC AGM will take place on June 23 in the UK, so I might get it then.”
Hassan speculated that there might have been more developments in the ACSU inquiry, because they did conduct one more interview after June 4.
“The last time they told me that they would conduct one more interview in Dubai.” he said. “They said that in case they did not find anything new they would submit the report soon.
“But they must have found some new information or else why would they come to Dhaka again? I’ll be better informed regarding the issue in the coming days.” he said.
(Source: crickinfo)

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