Movement close to victory, Liberation War spirit being shot: Bnp

BNP-The opposition BNP yesterday accused the Awami League of snatching people’s rights to franchise by shooting down the sprit of liberation war.
In a press statement, BNP joint secretary BNP Salahuddin Ahmed criticised ruling party lawmakers, who blasted the Bnp accusing its high command of being involved in the conspiracy to kidnap Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s son Sajeeb Wazed Joy in the United States.He termed this a concocted story.Meanwhile, BNP Dhaka city unit convener Mirza Abbas and member secretary Habibun Nabi Khan Sohel on Monday urged the 20-party leaders and activists to take to the streets as their movement is very close to victory.
In a statement they said, “The unelected and illegal government is heading towards meeting the final consequence of its fall. Now they (govt) are bewildered and directionless fearing the loss of power. The ongoing movement led by Khaleda Zia is now on the verge of victory. There’s no other option but to continue the movement enduring injustice and oppression.”
They also urged the leaders and activists of the BNP-led 20-party alliance to continue the ongoing movement with patience.
“The fall of this regime is now only a matter of time. So, we urge the leaders and activists of all levels to remain on the streets together with people to carry out the non-violent movement,” the statement reads.
Abbas and Sohel observed that the entire country has become paralyzed with the involvement of people in the 20-party’s movement. The capital has got separated from the country… “Even then, the government is walking over the rugged way being blind for its greed for power. The government is basically in power by shifting blame to others.”
They condemned Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s remarks at Suhrawardy Udyan that Khaleda Zia a militant leader and she would be punished. “Khaleda Zia is the most popular leader in Bangladesh. The government is trying to shift its faults onto others’ shoulders. It is Khaleda who stamped out militancy from the country during the rule of the BNP-led alliance.”
They said the government, which had earlier become alienated from people, now also has got isolated from the international community. “Even the government is least bothered about public sentiment.”
Mentioning that the government has been in office by resorting to repressive acts and extrajudicial killings, the two BNP leaders urged the government to restore democracy shunning inhuman and cruel policy.
Salahuddin Ahmed said, “Bangladesh is staying at the top of the list for violation of human rights endangering the existence of the country,” said the statement.
In the statement, the BNP leader said there is no alternative to ensuring the victory of mass movement to restore stability, peace, prosperity and democracy in the country.
He alleged that the law enforcing agencies are playing the role of secret assassins at the directives of the government because of which smells of dead bodies are spreading everywhere.
The BNP spokesperson called upon the prime minister to take lesson from the history to protect the country and its people. – Staff Reporter