All time record in remittance noted

Non-resident Bangladeshis have set a new annual record for remittance, sending home a staggering $14.2 billion in 2012.
A top Bangladesh Bank official said on Tuesday the figure represented a 16.3 percent increase over 2011.
“You can attribute this growth to a combination of factors – high value of US dollars, rise in both wages and manpower exports,” Kazi Saidur Rahman, a general manager at the apex bank, said.
A top researcher called 2012 “a remittance year”.
“The US dollar went up to as high as 85 taka at one point,” said Dr Zaid Bakht of BIDS, “which is why many sent money even from their savings.”
Dr Bakht, a Research Director at the premier think tank, said that the high remittances contributed to the all-time record forex reserves – now at US$12.75 billion.
“Exports grew at a healthy five percent, imports slowed and foreign aid disbursements were also much better in the year gone by,” Dr Bakht said.

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