Attempts to break up Grameen Bank to be resisted: Yunus

Nobel Laureate Prof Dr Muhammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank, on Thursday said the government’s all attempts to break up the Bank into pieces would be resisted. “The government is saying it’ll divide Grameen Bank into various parts, but it won’t be possible. If the people of the country wake up, then no one would be able to break it up. Although the government has unlimited power, it won’t be able to do that,” he said.
Dr Yunus who recently received Congressional Gold Medal, the United States’ highest civilian award, was addressing at a programme at Engineers’ Institution in the port city in the morning.
He said the rules and regulations by which the Nobel-winning organisation is run are flawless
Addressing the youths who joined the programme, the Nobel Laureate said once the words like ‘micro-credit’ and ‘social business’ were not there in the dictionary, but those are now abuzz worldwide.
“Forget about what are there in the books. There’s nothing like social business in the books… I hadn’t looked up at the books when I introduced microcredit. I’ve also said about sending poverty into museum. Was there anything like that in books?” Dr Yunus said urging the youth to use the power of their imagination to achieve their targets.
“You have much power…the youths of this age are the strongest youths in the history of mankind as they have technology in their hands,” he exhorted the youths.
Replying to a question over restructuring of Grameen Bank he said, “It’s absurd. This can be done if anyone wants to destroy the Bank. Nationalisation of Grameen Bank means its destruction”.
The pioneer of microcredit said, “No one can resist people from achieving what they want. Many things will simply wash away if people want, as their wish and will are like floodwaters.”
About setting up Grameen University, he said, “I’ve many wishes to do many things but the government is unhappy with me for invisible reasons.”
Poet Abul Momen, East-Delta University VC Prof Sekandar Khan, among others, addressed the programme held with Daily Azadi editor MA Maleq in chair.

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