Bangladesh capable of solving its own problems: PM

Upset with proposals for international mediation to resolve Bangladesh’s domestic political impasse, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has reminded all that the country was capable of solving its own problems.
Addressing a discussion at International Mother Language Institute on Saturday, she said: “When Bangladesh is seen as a development role model for the Third World, a situation has been deliberately created to pave the way for foreign intervention. This is not desirable. Bangladesh is quite capable of solving its own problems.”
A section of the civil society has been asking for international mediation to bring the warring parties to the table to find a solution ever since the BNP started a violent transport blockade on Jan 5.
The BNP demands a snap poll under a neutral caretaker but the ruling Awami League insists they have come back to power through a national election only a year back and have the right to complete the full five year term.The BNP, which boycotted the 2014 polls, says it was ‘a sham of an election’ and the country needed a more inclusive polls that were free and fair.
PM Hasina said the violent blockade and the frequent strikes by the BNP and its allies have “raised questions over the very existence of Bengali identity” and called upon the citizens to fight back the ‘evil conspiracy’.
“The worst thing that they are doing is they are burning people alive,” said Hasina.
She said the BNP and its ally Jamaat-e-Islami were behind the ongoing violence that left about a hundred people dead.
“These killings are a blow to the Bengali nation, our independence, language and very existence,” Hasina said. “So, we must hit back.
“And we must go ahead so that we can hold our heads high in the international arena.”
She said the nation would overcome the situation and move forward taking lessons from the past.
Keynote speaker Selina Hossain recommended introducing an international award in the language and literature categories by the institute.
Hasina said her government had not discussed the matter with the UNESCO, which recognised Feb 21 as the International Mother Language Day in 1999.
She added that the institute had been established to conduct research on various languages and preserve them.
The prime minister said efforts were on to get Bangla recognised as one of UN’s official language.
She suggested introducing an award titled ‘International award in language and literature’ by the institute.
“Today, it is our responsibility to protect the honour of all mother tongues and preserve them… to research them.
“We must properly carry out this duty,” Hasina said.-