Bangladesh considering HP training camp in Sri Lanka

DHAKA —The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is mulling to arrange a tour for their High Performance (HP) team in Sri Lanka as it wants the players to back in the business amid COVID-19 pandemic.

The board considers the HP as vital for the country’s cricket as the programme plays an important role in making the players ready for the national team and therefore the BCB also stresses on beginning the camp as early as possible.

Chairman of HP Naimur Rahman Durjoy, MP, however, said that they may set up the training camp for the team in Sri Lanka also.

His comment came after the High Performance unit held a meeting on Wednesday at the BCB headquarters where they discussed the resumption of the HP program and about their upcoming tours.

“We want to resume the HP programme and its upcoming tours. The situation though is different but we have to find a way,” Naimur said in a video message sent by the BCB.

“We have to keep up prepared since we are mulling to tour in Sri Lanka. We have to be prepared beforehand. The series could be hosted here or even in Sri Lanka. We have discussed this and we will also contact the Sri Lanka cricket board about how they can make the arrangements for the tour,” Naimur, also a BCB director and the former skipper of Bangladesh added.

He also revealed that they are trying to appoint a coach for the HP was early as possible. The position of the coach of the HP team has been left vacant since Simon Helmot stepped down from his post after completing his three-year contract with the BCB in December last year.

Naimur disclosed that they are now in touch with the shortlisted candidates for the post.

“There are several coaches who showed their interest for the post and we’ve made a shortlist of them for the HP team. The candidates actually showed interest before the pandemic so we need to know if they are still interested. We will communicate with them and know about their availability,” he remarked.

Naimur also informed that they are mulling to begin the HP programme also despite the pandemic hit the country hard.

“The situation is different now but still we are thinking about starting the HP progamme. A lot of things are involved here. If we want to arrange camp in academy, we have to think about players’ accommodation, their catering, security and their safety in the current situation. We have already discussed this and we will meet again to discuss everything in the coming days,” he concluded.BSS