Bangladesh sends 3,360 kgs glassware to Lebanon

Dhaka, Sept 06 – Bangladesh has sent a total of 3,360 kgs glassware to Lebanon as emergency aid, responding to a request from the country.Under a joint initiative by the government and Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI), a special flight of Biman Bangladesh Airlines recently carried those goods to Lebanon, said a press release.
The Lebanese government expressed its gratitude in this regard.
Lebanon witnessed a massive blast at its capital Beirut on August 4 that left at least 190 people dead.
During the blast, structures of the capital were greatly damaged and door-window glasses were broken in most cases.
To recover the damages, the Lebanese government, through the Bangladesh Embassy in Beirut, asked its Bangladeshi counterpart to send glassware as assistance.
Earlier, Bangladesh sent emergency food and medical equipment to Lebanon following the devastating explosion. – UNB