Bangladeshi drones?

Dr. M. S. Haq
A few days ago, an ISPR statement said “Recently, in various universities and colleges of Bangladesh, departmental or personal initiative has been taken in development and research work on different drones or remote controlled light aircraft,”. In that connection, Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) has reportedly requested educational institutions to follow civil aviation rules while conducting research and development work on different drones or remote controlled light aircraft. It is a piece of interesting news in areas of for example development of drones in Bangladesh. Further, it is expected the rules will be followed by all concerned – as requested by BAF.A few of my newspaper articles of previous years dealt with a number of technical and other matters of drones. They include inter alia and as appropriate suggestions pertaining to – reengineering of drones weapons and drones weapons delivery systems in pursuits of for example more right to life friendly, more human rights friendly, and more justice friendly – than that at present – drones and drones operations through the future; works and functions of say imaging technologies for enhancement of drones’ capabilities when it comes to precision targeting and hitting, to mention a few; maximization of say benefits from proposed drones; improvement of management of drone operations at pre-attack, during the attack and post-attack levels; and reorganization of field security and human intelligence for say facilitation of criminal justice in relevant areas against the backdrop of drones as antidotes to terrorism. It will not be out of place to mention here: contents and contexts of my suggestions on for example drones and drones operations via above articles had dealt predominantly with present day drones that are used for anti-terror purposes.
Specifically and briefly, the suggestions dealt prima-facie with for example: 01. uses of more powerful sensors than those at present that could guide drones for say more improved (than again that at present) targeting and hitting; 02. things such as anesthetic – ether/chloroform + N2O (Nitrous oxide – laughing gas) – could be used within safety limits of all concerned including the targets, as proper – essentially, not in violation of international and other obligations pertaining to inter alia and as appropriate uses of chemical weapons, and environmental protection. The suggestions were aimed at inter alia redesigning drones and drones operations in more life, more right, more development and more justice friendly manners than those at present in pertinent areas; 03. drones hotlines for use of all concerned when drones are used as for example antidotes to terrorism; 04. the delivery of weapons (components of the weapons include inter alia anesthetic) could be made with the help of for example small, strong, and light containers having the required temperature tolerance property and with adhesives capable of keeping the containers pasted with individual targets after hitting the targets; 05. strengthening of field security and human intelligence in events of say anti-terror operations with drones. In short, the suggestions were part of efforts towards for example protecting life, property and other things from burning effects and impacts of present day drones, as appropriate though.
I believe a proper use of what I would call anti-nuke drones could act as nuke threat neutralizers during say peace times and as antidotes to eliminate nuke weapons in say nuke related emergencies – I mean prior to the use of above weapons. I am sharing it now with readers – because anti-nuke drones could serve at least two purposes. One, anti-nuke drones could be one of the reliable vehicles when it comes to application stages of my proposals, that deals with disablement of nuke weapons prior to its launching for say anti-people purposes. Two, the possession of anti-nuke drone capabilities could serve as inter alia psychological anti-dotes to nuke threats. A fully blown anti-nuke drone capabilities of Bangladesh, through the future, could be a giant step towards for example and as appropriate advancement and sustenance of the country’s competitive security + continuity + growth + image in the comity of world nations, especially those nuke weapons nations at sub-regional and regional levels. The mixed news is: nuke weapons with for example higher inter-continental ranges would require inter alia hi-capability anti-nuke drones.
The good news is: the ISPR statement indicates inter alia ongoing efforts of Bangladesh towards development of drones at a variety of institutional levels. Keep up the good work. How about anti-nuke drones? How about present day efforts of Bangladesh defense forces including BAF towards for example anti-nuke drones or similar drones through the foreseeable future?
According to present day Gene mechanics, quantum drones applications (I call it in that that way) could facilitate for example coding and decoding of signals, as well as messages of genes at human, plant, animal and other concerned levels for say common good of all concerned inhabitants of the creations. Windfalls from above and other developments could eventually lead to gene propelled drones – that could inter alia be instrumental in revolutionizing heath care of humans and others concerned on a per capita basis. Use gravity profitably.
The last word: it is expected defense industries will flourish, in a sizeable manner, in Bangladesh through the foreseeable future against the backdrop of the people’s popular will in favor of peace, security, competitiveness, progress and prosperity, to mention a few, to per capita and continued satisfaction of people of Bangladesh in particular, and those of people of world at large, in general. God bless. (The author is inter alia Proponent of Gene mechanics).