Bangladeshi students win US college poll

Bangladeshi students have drawn attnetion in LaGuardia Community College winning five seats, out of nine, in the election of ‘Students Government Association (SGA).The victorious Bangladeshis are Sheikh Adnan Mahmud, Md Tuhin Rahman, Ashraful Habib Chowdhury Mehir, Suhag Ghosh were from Diversity Students Alliance- DSA and Maliha Shaheed ran independently.
Voting in the election was on from May 13 to 16 and three of the winner five Bangladeshi students got highest votes.
In a discussion at a restaurant in Jackson Heights on June 7, the popular Bangladeshi youths said, “We worked as a team. Unity was our key strength and we tried to remain democratic in taking any step.”
While talking, discipline was the salient feature, as they never interrupted another. One started from the point where the previous speaker finished.
Their faces were glowing with the contentment of introducing their motherland to students of other countries.
It was an open secret and everyone knew the answer of the question ‘what was behind this victory?’
Adnan is very much creative and expert in generating new ideas, Tuhin is expert in working in larger groups, Suhag can make good future plan, Mehir is good at organising capability and Maliha is the best coordinator.
We used to fix our programmes of following day on video conference every night and we worked as per the plan.
Apart from six Bangladeshis, the 12-member full panel of the Diversity Alliance comprised three Chinese, an Arabian, an African and a Spanish student.
Nine from the panel won in the election while Maliha, who maintained regular coordination with other Bangladeshi candidates, won as independent candidate.
The victorious 12 candidates include five Bangladeshis, three Chinese, an Indian, two Spanish and an African. Diversity Student Alliance is a coalition of the dedicated, ambitious students at LaGuardia Community College. They strive to break new ground in improving college life for all.
The main slogan of the Diversity Alliance is “Diverse but United for Students”. Adnan, Mehir, Suhag and Tuhin were also talking about the unity.
They said the unity will be identical as it was before the election. And we are no more leaders of only Bangladeshi students in LaGuardia College, now we are leaders of 22,000 students. We are elected through their votes. We are determined to work in future giving importance to their demands.
All students welcomed us after the election results. They cheered and celebrated all victory announcements. And their wishes to us were hidden in their ovations.
These Bangladeshi students are not only popular leaders on the campus, but also meritorious and attentive students at the same time. They attended in classes and examinations regularly during the election.
Bangladesh students were in leading position in LaGuardia College. Shah Amanat, president of the present Student Government Association (SGA), is also a Bangladeshi, who was inspiration to the Bangladeshi winners.

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