Bill for protecting rivers placed in JS

A bill, titled ‘National River Protection Commission Bill, 2013’, aimed at protecting the country’s rivers from encroachers and pollution was placed in Parliament on Tuesday.Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan placed the Bill in the House, which was sent to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Shipping Ministry for further scrutiny. The Committee has been asked to submit their report within two months.
The Cabinet on January 7 this year gave the final approval to the draft of the Bill.
Once the proposed law is enacted, it will be helpful for the government to take strong steps in protecting rivers, especially from river pollution and encroachment.
Under the proposed law, a five-member commission will be formed for three years comprising one chairman and four members to be appointed by the government for three years.
The members of the commission will comprise river, environment, river engineer or river management experts, and lawyer having expertise on human rights issues.
As per the new law, no one of the Commission will be selected for more than two terms.
The Commission will submit its report by March 31 of each year.
After enactment of the law, rules will be formulated widening scope for protecting other water bodies like khal, beel and haor; and at one stage, initiatives will be taken to prevent erosion in coastal areas. UNB

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