Blockade to restore right to vote, freedom of expression: Rizvi

BNP joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi Ahmed yesterday called upon the people and leaders and activists of the 20-party alliance to make the blockade of road, rail and waterways a success applying their all forces and with courage.
“The government is running the country through its gunmen. No government has the rights to rule the country in such way. We urge the countrymen to make the blockade of road, rail and waterways a success with all forces and courage,” he said while briefing reporters at an office in Banani area in the city. The BNP leader said the government must have to resign and it is a matter of time.
He accused the government of hatching conspiracy to harass Khaleda Zia both mentally and psychologically.
“No stone has remained unturned to hatch conspiracy by the government to harass Khaleda Zia mentally and psychologically,” he said.
Rizvi, who briefed journalists from secret place after slipping out of a city hospital under police surveillance, alleged that there is rush filing of “false and fabricated cases.”
“The government is suppressing justice and freedom of expression,” he said.
He called upon the government to refrain from resorting to repression of opposition leaders and activist and suppressing the freedom of expression.
Justifying the ongoing blockade programme, Rizvi said the programme has been carried out to restore the rights of franchise and establish the freedom of expression.
“We do believe that the people will get relief, democracy will be restored and religious values upheld through the fall of the government,” he said.
Criticising the ruling party leaders and government ministers for their statements on religion, he said talking about religion by them are nothing but amounted to deception as he said, they removed the name of Allah from the Constitution and criticised Prophet Mohammad (SM), Hajj and Tablig Jamaat.
Meanwhile, the BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia still remains confined to her Gulshan office for seventh day as the main gate of her office were locked up again on Thursday and police barricaded all entry points by keeping water cannon and police vans.
The former premier was confined since late Saturday to prevent her from joining a rally in front of her party headquarters at Naya Paltan defying government ban.
The BNP-led alliance observed the first anniversary of January 5 poll that it had boycotted as Black Day while the ruling Awami League as Victory of Democracy Day. – Staff Reporter