BNP infected with virus of criticism, says Obaidul Quader

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader on Tuesday said that the main opposition BNP had dragged themselves to a position of ‘political isolation’,  through years of what he called negative and irresponsible politics.

“BNP is infected with virus of criticism,” said Quader, also Road, Transport and Bridges Minister.

He made the remarks in a video conference with officials and employees of the Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) in its head office from his residence today.

He said the BNP does not see the good work of the government, the infection of negativity has spread in their minds.

The AL leader said that the BNP has been playing a broken record of constant criticism since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, and the BNP has not been able to come out of the circle of blind criticism, negativity and lies.

He said the BNP does not see the lack of coordination among itself but seeks coordination elsewhere.

Referring to BNP leader Mirza Fakhrul’s remark that the government is conducting itself with cotton buds has kept cotton in its ear, Quader said that the government’s sixth sense is active, but BNP could not see.

BNP could not see the government’s relentless efforts to increase the capacity of helpless unemployed people for the adjustment of livelihood to save lives.

He asked BNP leaders to remove their rusty spectacles to see the government’s activities.

Meanwhile, directing the BRTC to come out of the circle of irregularities and corruption, the minister said that BRTC should become a symbol of public trust.

Strong teamwork needs to be built and tracking devices need to be installed on buses, which will increase the number of trips and transparency.

The initiative to introduce digital ticketing needs to move forward quickly.UNB