‘BNP wants to hurt country by sponsoring communalism’

Dhaka, Jan 31 – General secretary of the Awami League Obaidul Quader has said that the people of the country are ready to unite against communalism.
He said this while addressing a discussion meeting on the occasion of Seven Murder Day at Azimpur in the capital this morning. Obaidul Quader said the BNP now wants to hurt the backbone of Bangladesh by sponsoring extremist communalism.
He believes that the BNP has completely failed to heat up the issue of sculpture as people have awakened in the spirit of the Liberation War.
Regarding the municipal elections, the general secretary of the Awami League said that the defeat was due to the rejection of the BNP’s anti-politics by the people.
Noting that the BNP has now resorted to violence after failing in the movement and elections, the Awami League general secretary said the people no longer trust them because of their negative politics in the past.
Not only is the BNP questioning the electoral system after its defeat in the elections, they are fanning the flames of revenge. They also say that there is no culture of respecting opposite opinion in their politics.
BNP has been continuing the politics of killing and terrorism since its inception.
“BNP did evil politics not only in 1994 but also the party had drenched the soil of Bangla with the blood of 21,000 leaders and workers of Awami League after coming to power in 2001,” he said.
He said through the gruesome grenade attacks on AL rally on August 21, 2004, BNP continued its politics of killing.
Obaidul Quader said the BNP alleges foul play wherever the Awami League candidates have won.
Obaidul Quader directed to form the ward and thana committees under Dhaka Metropolitan Awami League through a conference and said that no committee can be formed sitting at home. – UNB