Boro paddy harvesting begins in Mymensingh

Mymensingh, May 5: The harvesting of Boro paddy has begun with some early varieties in Mymensingh.Farmers are harvesting the early varieties mainly BRRI-28 cultivated at the lower areas of the district and around 13 percent of Boro paddy has been harvested so far, Md Abdul Mazed, deputy director (DD) of Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), Mymensingh said.
The scarcity of farm workers is not seen yet and as the harvest will start in full swing within two weeks, said the official.
The full harvesting is likely start in the middle of this month, said the DD of DAE.
The newly harvested paddy is being sold between Taka700 and Tk 750 per mound and the price is reasonable, said the official.
A total of 262000 hectares of land was brought under Boro cultivation in the district this year.
Paddy procurement drive may start at the end of this month, added the official.