Bumper jute production likely in northern region

A bumper jute production is likely in northern region despite a little
shortfall in the farming target as harvest of the fibre crop just
began almost everywhere this season, official sources said.
Horticulture Specialist of the Agriculture Extension (DAE) Khandker Md
Mesbahul Islam said excellent jute production is expected following
favourable climatic condition and adoption of the latest farming
According to the DAE sources, the farmers have cultivated jute on
2,20,333 hectares land this season in the region, 4,910 hectares less
than the fixed target of producing 24,00,127 bales of the fibre from
2,25,243 hectares land.
Of the fixed target, the farmers were to produce 22,03,371 bales of
‘Tosha’ variety jute fibre from 2,02,144 hectares land, 1,74,291 bales
of ‘Deshi’ variety fibre from 20,376 hectares and 22,465 bales of
‘Mechhta’ variety jute from 2,723 hectares in the region.  However,
the farmers have cultivated ‘Tosha’ variety jute on 2,02,880 hectares,
‘Deshi’ variety on 13,281 hectares and ‘Mechhta’ variety jute on 4,172
hectares land this season.
The farmers did not face any problem in procuring quality jute seeds
as they got the same adequately from Bangladesh Agriculture
Development Corporation and other organizations concerned.
Using the latest technologies, farmers have been cultivating jute now
using only 2 kg seed per acre using the Six Line Pick Up Jute Seeding
Method though they generally use 2.5 to 3.5 kg seed per acre using the
decades-old traditional methods, the sources said.
Associate Director Agriculture of BRAC International (South Asia and
Africa) Dr MA Mazid said jute farming has got new dimension following
increased export, revival of closed jute mills, disbursement of
incentives and other effective government steps.
“The farmers have started adopting the latest line sowing jute
technology using seeder machines saving huge seeds and reducing
farming costs to get bumper production and more profits in recent
years,” he added.
Deputy Director of the DAE Feroz Ahmed said the farmers have started
becoming more interested in jute cultivation with re-growing of jute
industries and increasing demand of the eco-friendly fibre at
international markets.
Additional Director of the DAE Sikander Ali said expansion of
jute-based industries and increased exports of jute products in recent
years have further encouraged the farmers in farming in the region.
-BSS, Rangpur

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