Bumper onion production in Faridpur

Onion production in Faridpur district has exceeded the target bringing smile on the face of the farmers in the just concluded season.
Onion, an important ingredients in the list of spices, was cultivated on 29 thousand 500 hectare of land exceeding the earlier set target of 27 thousand 919 hectare.According to the sources of Agriculture Extension Department (AED) the target crossing helped produce 10,000 tonnes more onion than expected.
The sources said, now the harvested onion stands at 3 lakh 4 thousand 437 metric tons while the original production target was 2 lakh 95 thousand 941 metric tons of onion.
According to onion farmer Abdul Zabbar Sheikh of Balia Gotti village of Saltha upazilla that the farmers got less price of paddy and jute last year and more over the foggy whether that prevailed in the area caused some damages to Robi crops which pushed the farmers towards cultivating onion on more land than the set target.
The farmers used quality seed this season, they got other inputs including fertilizer, irrigation facilities and favorable climatic conditions that helped boosting of onion productions.
(BSS, Faridpur)

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