Charmonai Pir urged President urgently initiate dialogue

The Pir Shaheb of Charmonai Mufti Syed Rezaul Karim on Sunday called for an urgent initiative for dialogue from the President as the guardian of the state to resolve the political crisis which he said has taken a serious turn.
Addressing meeting of the Majlis-e-Amela of the Islami Andolan Bangladesh of which he is the Ameer the Pir Shaheb expressed his grave concern and anger that anarchy was prevailing in the country throwing public life into a suffocating situation.
He said that the government should refrain from depriving the opposition of its right of holding meeting and rallies while the opposition should take caution that their actions do not cause loss of life and property of ordinary people.Noting that efforts were being made to release Latif Siddique on payrole Mufti Syed Rezaul Karim said that the believers will have no option but to come out to the street on their own if the government played any trick with the man. He should be made to face harsh punishment for his blasphemous utterances.
The meeting conducted by secretary general of Islami Andolan  Yunus Ahmed was also addressed by political adviser Prof. Ashraf Ali Akan, joint secretaries general Prof. Mahbubur Rahman and Moulana Gazi Ataur Rahman, and president Dhaka city unit Moulana Hemayetuddin among others.
The Pir Shaheb of Charmonai said that every conscious man has been anxious that the quarrel between two main political alliances have brought the country to a standstill. The people want a way out of this; they want peaceful resolution of the crisis.
The Ameer of Islami Andolan said that the crisis was getting increasingly more complicated due to rigid position of the sides. This is good for none. Urging the president to take urgent step for dialogue the Pir Shaheb of Charmonai said the country would fall into a more dangerous situation if an initiative for resolution of the crisis is not taken, according to a press release.  – News Desk