CNG 3-wheeler workers urge govt, affluent people for support

Bangladesh Autorickshaw-Autotempo Transport Workers Federation (BAATWF) urged the government, transport owners and affluent people to provide food and other essentials to the transport workers who have become jobless due to, the current situation created over coronavirus.

President of the BAATWF Md Fulmia Bhuiyan and general secretary Md Golam Faruk in a joint statement made the call saying that about 7 lakh transport workers who are engaged in auto-rickshaw (three wheelers) and auto-tempo sector have become unemployed during the general holiday announced by the government .

They said these transport workers earn their wages on daily-work basis and when the transport operation is suspended they have no way to earn money to run their families.

“So, we urge the government to take steps to support the transport workers with essential items,”said the statement.

The leaders also urged the transport workers to obey the government order to prevent the coronavirus transmission.