Compatriots forced Bd women domestic help into illicit work

Bahrain, Feb 01 – Two pimps who locked a woman in apartments for three months and forced her to have sex with multiple men have been jailed for 10 years each.
The Bangladeshi men, aged 29 and 44, were convicted by the High Criminal Court yesterday of holding their victim captive, forcing her into prostitution, human trafficking, torture and rape.
They were also fined BD1,000 each and ordered to pay for an airline ticket for the 24-year-old Bangladeshi woman back to her country.
Both the defendants will be deported after completing their sentences.
According to court documents, the 29-year-old defendant lured the woman to Bahrain by promising her a maid’s job.
However, on arrival in July last year she was locked in an apartment in Manama and allegedly raped after drugging her by spiking her drink.
She also told prosecutors she was tortured and forced to have sex with men for BD7 each before being sold to the co-defendant, who also forced her into the vice trade.
The woman was rescued after she alerted authorities using the mobile phone left behind by the 44-year-old defendant at the apartment in Manama.
“I came to Bahrain to work as a maid when he (the 29-year-old defendant) contacted me,” she told prosecutors.
“He took me to an apartment and gave me juice. When I woke up I found myself naked and surrounded by five condoms.
“I knew I had been raped; I was shocked but terrified as I confronted him.
“He told me I would have to have sex with men for BDT7 each.
“I refused but he beat me up and forced me to drink the juice which he used to drug me to force me to have sex with men.
“He later sold me to his friend (the co-defendant, aged 44) who also raped me and forced me to have sex with men.
“He told me he would kill me or throw me out of a speeding car if I refused.
“However, I managed to contact my embassy when he forgot his mobile phone in the apartment where I has being held captive.
“He found out the next day and he ordered two men to dump me near a hospital before passers-by helped me.” Source mfa via and