Coronavirus and Climate Change: Tales of Two Crises

Reviewed by: Prof. M Zahidul Haque
Coronavirus and climate change are two separate crises which are threatening the utter destruction of the entire humankind. Author Dr. Ranjan Roy in his book has established the connection between the two crises and judiciously highlighted the underlying factors responsible for spreading coronavirus in a climate change setting as the author mentions on page 51-“Many of the root causes of Climate Change increases of pandemics…..Climate Change magnifies risks from infectious disease, making outbreaks more frequent, less predictable, and harder to deal with”.The book contains 25 sub-headings starting with “Spread of Coronavirus: Are we prepared?” and ends at “Escaping Pandora’s Box of Acceleration of Pandemics”. It has also sub-headings on “Role of Universities in Responding to Coronavirus” and “Climate Change, Food Security and COVID-19”.
The author who is a Professor at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University and developed specialization over the issues also put forward some suggestions to tackle the two crises and reducing global warming plus climate change through introducing “green COVID-19 recovery” plan integrating the principle of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
In a nutshell, the book titled—“Coronavirus and Climate Change: Tales of Two Crises” is an excellent piece of work by Dr. Ranjan Roy that presents an in-depth and logical analysis of the two crises and tells on how to minimize the severity of the consequences due to the crises.
As far as the overall get-up and arrangement of issues are fine but some more information about the two crises could be added to the book under a separate sub-title.
The magnificent cover looks quite appropriate to the context. The book will no doubt generate inquisitiveness among the general readers and act as a guideline for the policy-makers.
Author Dr. Ranjan Roy
Publisher: Shahin Latif from Megh, Bangladesh.
Published on: 19 March 2021 Cover Design: Mostafiz Karigar
Pages: 104
Price: BDT 260, US $ 11
ISBN: 9789848028278
Available at: Boi Mela Stall No. 559