Country under terrible misrule: Khaleda

Criticising the government for what she said its repressive acts, BNP Chairperson and Leader of the Opposition Khaleda Zia on Tuesday said the country is under a horrific misrule. In a statement issued on the occasion of International Day Against Torture to be observed on Wednesday, Khaleda said, “Bangladesh is now under a terrible misrule. Many opposition leaders and activists have been subjected to secret killing, forced disappearance and abduction since the present government has come to power.”
The BNP chief also accused the government of carrying out massive mass killings early this year resorting to vicious repressive policies.
“Killing journalist and brutally torturing many of them have become an order of the day,” the former premier said.
Besides, Khaleda said, newspapers and television channels have been shut one after another to gag the freedom of expression so that the opposition’s voices are not heard.
She alleged that the government lets lose the law enforcers whenever any one tries to raise voice against the government’s undemocratic and intolerant behaviour.
“Women and children are being ruthlessly tortured at different parts of the country by government-patronised terrorists,” she added.
Mentioning that the country’s religion-loving Alem and Ulema were brutally killed, the opposition leader said people are not getting justice from the court. “The government is using the court for its own interest. In the country, the voice of justice is now weeping in the wilderness.”
On the eve of the International Day Against Torture declared by the United Nations, Khaleda expressed her sympathy for all the oppressed people of the world, including Bangladesh. (Source: UNB)

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