Dhaka North City finds Aedes larvae in 131 houses-buildings

The Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) authority on Saturday found Aedes mosquito larvae in 131 houses and establishments on the first day of its combing operation launched to protect the city dwellers from dengue.

The 10-day special clean-up operation was started at all the 54 DNCC wards simultaneously at 10 am.The DNCC teams visited 11,969 houses and establishments and found Aedes mosquito larvae in 131 of them on the first day.

Besides, stagnant water — the breeding ground of Aedes mosquitoes — were found in other 8,380 houses and establishments during the drive on Saturday.

During the visits, the mobile courts fined the owners of houses and establishments due to having Aedes mosquito larvae there. A total Tk 59,000 was materialised as fine from the owners of the eight structures.

The Aedes larvae were found in abandoned tyres, buckets, flower tubs, bottles, water-meters, garages, water houses, earthenware pots, broken mugs, floors, water-tanks, plastic containers, roof-drains, yogurt pots, abandoned commodes, coconut shells, broken pots, basement and spaces between two houses.The combing operation will be conducted from 10am to 1pm every day, said a press release.

source: UNB