Dhaka North City finds Aedes larvae in 138 buildings

Dhaka, June 14 – The Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) on Saturday found Aedes mosquito larvae in 138 houses and establishments on the eighth day of its combing operation launched to protect the city dwellers from dengue. The DNCC mobile courts realized fines amounting to Tk 5.9 lakh in the process and filed 26 cases after visiting 13,489 houses and establishments in this regard.
Besides, stagnant water — the breeding ground of Aedes mosquitoes — was found in 8,566 houses and establishments during the eighth day.
The Aedes larvae were found in abandoned tyres, buckets, flower tubs, bottles, water-meters, garages, water houses, earthenware pots, broken mugs, floors, water-tanks, plastic containers, roof-drains, yoghurt pots, abandoned commodes, coconut shells, broken pots, basement and spaces between two houses.
As per DNCC’s plan, these operations are conducted in one sector of each ward every day which means 10 sub-sectors in a day. It is expected to complete the entire operation in 10 days.
Each DNCC team is joined by four cleaners and one mosquito eradication worker in each sub-sector. Forty cleaners and 10 mosquito eradication workers are working in each ward.
The DNCC drive was launched on June 6. So far, the authorities concerned found larvae of Aedes mosquito in 1,269 houses or establishments and realized fines amounting to Tk 15.6 lakh.
The special clean-up operation was launched as the country had a massive dengue outbreak last year when 101,354 people were hospitalized and 179 people were killed by the mosquito-borne disease. – UNB