Ershad urges Hasina, Khaleda to meet, talk

Jatiya Party chairman HM Ershad on Wednesday sent separate letters to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Leader of the opposition in parliament Khaleda Zia asking them to sit together to find out a way to resolve the ongoing political impasse.In his letters, almost identical, the former military ruler said, “Both leaders governed the country several times and if Allah wants they’ll be able to govern the country again. But, if the country turns into a ruined state, what is the meaning of politics?”

Ershad said the normal life of people is being hampered, the country’s economy is going to face a collapse and the readymade garment industries are on the verge of ruination due to the ongoing political unrest and turmoil.

“People have no security, education sector is going to break down, health sector faces hardship and the whole nation gets frustrated. As a result, the country’s flourishing democracy is at stake,” he said.

Former Gen Ershad said people are being killed and the scenes of the killings are being shown in media, which stigmatise the human civilisation.

Ershad requested the Prime Minister and the opposition leader to come forward to discuss the ongoing political impasse, giving up all stubbornness.

“No more stubbornness and animosity at this moment…come forward to discuss to resolve the crisis and enrich the history taking an initiative for peace,” he said.

The Jatiya Party chairman said the guideless nation is waiting for your discussion. “You (Hasina, Khaleda) sit together… I will stay beside you.”

Recognising the Prime Minister’s patriotism and unquestionable love for people, Ershad said, “She (Hasina) is the sitting Prime Minister, so she has a greater responsibility to take an initiative for restoring peace.”

“Call upon the opposition leader, including myself, members of parliament of all parties and prominent citizens … hold discussion. I do believe they’ll respond to your call. If someone doesn’t come up, he or she will get isolated from people,” he said. UNB

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