Exitic fish species drive away local ones in Sunamganj

Foreign species of fish are taking room in the water bodies of
Sunamganj for their ‘cost-effective farming’ in place of the
protein-rich indigenous ones.
Relatively higher profit from the hybrid fish species, especially for
their faster growth, is luring the local fish farmers away to their
cultivation from the local fish varieties.
Farming of the foreign fish species using modern technology and
training is largely helping youths of the district gain economic
To get rid of the curse of unemployment, youths of the district dig
farmlands into ponds and cultivate the foreign fishes there.
The hybrid fish species have opened up income opportunity for the
youth section of the district, though at the cost of protein in the
indigenous fish resources which Sunamganj was once bountiful with.
Local fish varieties have immense high nutritional values and protein
which are absent in the foreign fish species.
Their deficiency is considered to be main reasons of various diseases.
Apart, local fish varieties are better in quality and taste than the
foreign ones.
During a recent visit, it was found that locals were cultivating
foreign fish in the water bodies in a large scale.
As a result, a few species of local fish are on the way of
disappearing and their production is also becoming less.
Fishermen and conscious quarters apprehend that this would lead to
denudation of the local fish resources in most haor-baor, canals,
rivers and rivulets and ditches.
Mentionable, fish, stone and paddy are the lifeblood of Sunamganj.
The district is storehouse of natural, mineral and forest resources.
But due to lack of appropriate planning and government indifference,
proper utilisation of these resources is not being possible.
As a result, remote areas of 11 uazilas of the district are being
deprived of development.
(UNB, Sunamganj)

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