Farmers expect good onion harvest in Faridpur

Farmers of this district expect a good harvest of onion in the current year as all the ingredients including climatic condition are favourable in this onion producing area.Onion, an important requirement in the list of spices, has been cultivated on 29, 500 hectares of land exceeding the earlier set target of 27,919 hectares.According to the sources of Agriculture Extension Department (AED) the exceeded target will help produce additional 10,000 tonnes more onion than expected quantity. Now the achievable target of onion stands at 3,04,437 tonnes while the original production target was 2,95,941 tonnes in the district. The transplanted (Murikata) onion is already in the markets selling at Taka 30 per kg now at retailer level which was selling at Taka 20 to 25 before the blockade began. However this Murikata onion has eased the market for the consumers because the last years’ hoarded onion was selling at a high price.The bulk onion produced from seed is still in the field which will be harvested at the end of February.According to the AED sources, the farmers have used quality seed this season, they got other inputs including fertilizer, irrigation facilities and favourable climatic conditions that will help boosting of onion productions. BSS, Faridpur