Firing shots in self-defence not HR violation: BGB chief

Director General of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Maj Gen Aziz Ahmed on Sunday said it will not be the violation of human rights if BGB members fire shots in self-defence and for protecting the lives and property of people.
The BGB chief made the remarks while talking to reporters after inaugurating some new buildings of BGB, including the headquarters of Rangpur BGB North-West region, in Rangpur on Sumday morning.He said if miscreants come across BGB members or BGB members come under their attack the troops cannot sit idle and they can open fire in self-defence.
“BGB members have not been deployed to kill general people by firing gunshots…they’re out there to quell the country’s overall situation,” he said.
He said the BGB members had played an important role in containing violence in 2013. “They’ll get back to its earlier role, if needed,” said Gen Aziz.
He claimed over one lakh vehicles are plying different roads and highways every day peacefully with the assistance of BGB and they are working to reach different agricultural inputs, including fertilizer and diesel, to the farmers.
The BGB chief also expressed the hope that the country’s current situation will return to normalcy within a few days. – UNB