First ‘Robot Restaurant’ launched in Dhaka

Dhaka – The first Robot Restaurant open to the customers in Dhaka on Thursday.
The restaurant located inside the Family World Convention Center at Asad Gate, Mirpur Road will use robots to serve food to customers, its management said on Wednesday at a press briefing.China-based robot-making organisation HZX Electronic Technology Company provided technical support to the ‘Robot Restaurant’. Representatives from both the organisations attended the press briefing in Dhaka.
“Robot Restaurant invites people to come to the eatery and experience robotic service,” Director of the restaurant Rahin Raiyan said.
“This restaurant is first of its kind in Bangladesh, foods will be served to customers by robots,” he added.
Waiters get tired after working for a few hours, according to Rahin, but when robots are serving the guests, it will ensure better service.
“Also such an environment will be a source of amusement for people of all ages, especially children, ” he said.
People from all sections of society can visit the restaurant and have a rare experience. The foods will be reasonably priced, he added.
“Kids’ menu will be the unique attraction for our restaurant,” Rahin said.
Primarily, the restaurant has installed two humanoid robots to serve food to customers.
“Initially, robots will not take orders. They will just deliver orders to the customers. We will gradually open the options of ordering food through robots,” he added.
Max Schwarz, CEO of HZX Electronic Technology Company, said, “We are very committed and ready to provide all kinds of help and cooperation for robot digitalisation in Bangladesh.”
Each robot for this restaurant costs between $8,000 and $10,000. – Source –