Flash flood damage crops in Jhalakathi

Flash flood triggered by tidal surge under the influence of full moon
and incessant rainfall for the last seven days caused colossal damage
to crops in Jhalakathi district. Various types of crops, especially
vegetables, on 6,772 hectares of land in four upazilas of the district
were damaged as flash flood submersed farmland as well as homesteads.
With recession of the floodwater, the pictures of damage are becoming
clearly visible.
The downpour also triggered water logging in different areas.
Tropical storm Mahasen that left trail of devastation in the coastal
region last month damaged a large number of papaya and banana
The flash flood has now further damaged papaya, banana, chilli,
brinjal, bitter gourd, sisinga, kakrol and sugarcane.
It also affected planted aus paddy seedlings and 60 per cent paddy seedbeds.
As a result, aus cultivation is feared to be delayed and its
production is likely to face a shortfall.
If aus cultivation is not possible in time, aman production might also
be delayed.
Since cultivation in all the four upazilas of the district suffered
loss, farmers are urged the Agriculture Ministry to rehabilitate them
in some ways.
Sources at the Agriculture Ministry said after full recession of flood
water, they will asses the actual damage to aus farming by the natural
Farmers are being motivated to cultivate vegetables afresh to recoup the losses.
(UNB, Jhalakathi)

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