Food cooked live at Amari Dhaka’s interactive kitchens

Dhaka, July 2018 – Fully Interactive Kitchens at Amaya Food Gallery at Amari Dhaka is a one-of-a-kind concept where food is cooked live for customers as they order. This is an addition to the already bountiful dinner buffet where over 150 fresh new items are served every day belonging to different styles and origins. The live kitchens will specialize in Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Thai origins. Starting from the opening of the Indian interactive kitchen on 1st July, the other kitchens will be active on the following dates: Japanese-Chinese on 8th July, Italian on 15th July & Thai on 22nd July.
In-line with Amari Dhaka’s motto of serving garden-fresh items, the interactive buffet stations are designed as such that customer can get a full view of how Amari’s master chefs do their magic creating artwork with food. When guests will arrive at Amaya, they’ll be treated with welcome drinks symbolizing the cuisine of the day. The guests can then enjoy starters and appetizers from the buffet. The guests can then visit the counters, order their food and watch them being prepared live. New Executive Chef Jed Archdeacon says, “when we came with the concept it was in order to provide the full offering plus more of the buffet but to have the food prepared for the guest, offering much more personalised and high-end approach to the overdone and bulk buffets that Dhaka’s market is currently offering.”