Govt ‘abetting India’ over NRC, alleges BNP

Dhaka, Dec 26 – BNP on Thursday accused the government of abetting India in making Bangladesh a ‘dumping ground only to stay in power’.“The Foreign Minister said they would accept if any Bangladeshi citizen returns from India, and will send back those who aren’t our citizens. This means they (govt) admitted that push-in is happening,” said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.
He further said, “They (govt) are collaborating (with India) to turn our country into a dumping ground.”
The BNP leader came up with the remarks while speaking at a press conference at BNP’s Nayapaltan central office.
Fakhrul alleged that Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader took position against the country’s people by supporting the remarks of Indian Home Minister Amit Shah and External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Ravish Kumar involving BNP with the repression on women in 2002. “We condemn and protest Obaidul Quader’s such comment.”
He said the AL leader’s comment is tantamount to a threat to Bangladesh’s independence, sovereignty, peace and security. “The entire nation has got stunned and aggrieved as he (Quader) took position in favour of Amit Shah with his remarks about repression on minority communities.”
Fakhrul turned down the remarks of Amit Shah, Ravish Kumar and Obaidul Quader accusing BNP-led government of repressing minority communities, saying their comments are ‘totally false, baseless, discriminatory and motivated to create a division based on religion’.
He said the comments of the trio are part of a repulsive strategy to make narrow gain in the internal politics of the two countries by BJP and Awami League.
By supporting Amit Shah’s remark, the BNP leader said Obaidul Quader not only took position against the interest of the country’s people, but also against the innocent Indian people who will be affected following the enforcement of Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC.
He urged the ruling party to refrain from making any comment that goes against the country’s interests.
Fakhrul said Obaidul has made the recent remarks about BNP as part of their party’s ‘India appeasing policy’.
He alleged that the Awami League general secretary made evil efforts to take political vengeance by shifting the blame on BNP for repression on minority community as he lacks patriotism.
The BNP leader said the people of Bangladesh in no way can accept Quader’s comment. “Obaidul Quader, who supported the anti-BNP and anti-Bangladesh remarks of Amit Shah, has just played the extended responsibility of India’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ravish Kumar.”
He criticised the government for what he said playing a silent role regarding the India’s Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC issues.
Fakhrul said India made the Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC targeting Bangladesh. “But the government is silent over the matter as it won’t hesitate to sell the interests of the country and its people to its foreign masters only to stay in power illegally.” – UNB