Govt must take responsibility of any consequence: BNP

BNP has warned that the government would have to bear the responsibility of any consequence arising out of the current situation unless it accepts their demand to hold a free and fair poll under a non-partisan administration.
“The people hope that good sense will prevail on the government before time runs out. Otherwise, the government would have to bear the consequence to any situation arising out,” said BNP joint secretary general Salahuddin Ahmed.
In a press statement issued from undisclosed location, he criticised the government for it’s move to enact indemnity act for the law enforcers after giving them license to kill to suppress the opposition movement.“The indemnity to the killers is not going to be the last such law there will be more laws in future. No unconstitutional law stripping the fundamental rights of people can protect he government and the loyal officers of the law enforcers,” he said.
Salahuddin Ahmed said the BNP and 20-party alliance believes in democracy and they want the national and political crises are resolved through talks.
“We welcomed all the local and international initiatives including that of United Nations to resolve the crisis,” he added.
The BNP spokesperson condemned and protested the bomb attacks at Jessore residence of BNP standing committee member Tariqul Islam and also residences of other senior leaders in the same district.
“The just movement of the people cannot be stopped by running the rein of vengeance, rather it would spread the spark of dissent like wild fire,” he said. – Staff Reporter