Govt sets rawhide price for sacrificial animals

Dhaka, July 26: The government has set the prices of different types of rawhides of the sacrificial animals during the Eid-ul-Adha.
Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi Sunday announced the decision after a meeting with leather traders Tanners’ through online.
As per the decision, tanners would buy per square feet salted cowhide at Taka 35-40 in Dhaka and at Taka 28-32 for outside of the capital.
For goat hide, the price range is Taka 13 to Taka 15 per square foot and price of female goat hide is Taka 10 to Taka 12 per square foot.
In his speech, Tipu Munshi said the government will allow the export of rawhide and wet-blue if it is necessary so that the growers and seasonal traders can get proper prices.
“Once again, if there is a problem with the price of leather, then the export of rawhide and wet-blue leather or partially processed leather will be allowed. An inter-ministerial committee has also been formed for this. This committee will take the final decision about the export,” he added.
Eid-ul-Adha, also called as “Festival of the Sacrifice”, will be celebrated in Bangladesh on August 1.