Govt working to reopen, modernize BJMC’s mills

Dhaka, July 28: The government is working to reopen Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC)’s recently closed mills on an urgent basis by modernizing and restructuring the jute production system in view of the current market and future prospects of diversified jute products.
Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Textiles and Jute Mohammad Abul Kalam Tuesday said this while he was addressing a press conference on recent jute related issues at the Jute Diversification Promotion Center (JDPC) here.
It is informed in the briefing that after the liquidation, the country’s jute mills will be brought back to production as soon as possible under public-private partnership (PPP) or joint venture or G-to-G or lease model under the control of the government.
All the relevant provisions of the Labor Act have been followed in declaring termination of employment of workers and closure of jute mills.
Appropriate legal action has also been taken to determine the amount of dues and payment of the workers, informed in the briefing.
Recently, two high-level committees have already been set up to make recommendations on modernization and reactivation of mills in a proper manner and take pragmatic steps in the light of the changed situation of BJMC’s manpower structure.
All dues of retired workers (8,954) since 2014, all due wages of current workers (24,886), provident fund and gratuity(at maximum 27 percent gratuity rate) will be paid cent percent all-together when they will retire and around Taka 5,000 crore will be provided from the government budget in this regard.
After modernizing and reopening mills under new model, new employment opportunities will also be created and all current workers will get job in those mills on priority basis.