HR Commission of Sri Lanka statement to UN HR Council

Madame President, Distinguished Delegates and Friends,
Our Commission acknowledges the continuing human rights obligations of Sri Lanka, As in the previous year, we are encouraged by the High Commissioner’s recognition of the role played by the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in strengthening independent institutions which are key to discharging those obligations. Weakening of the relevant provisions will seriously hamper checks and balances and protection of people’s rights under the Rule of Law.lndeed, the functioning of the Attorney-General’s Department and the Police in an impartial, apolitical manner is also of the essence.
Madame Chair, human rights protection, reconciliation and dealing with the past with empathy are all interlinked. Hence, the need to strengthen the Office of Missing Persons and the Office for Reparations. They address intensely human and humanitarian issues that cannot be viewed only from a political or technical angle.
Similarly, human rights defenders and journalists should be free to act without fear of adverse con sequences. We also reiterate the importance of defeating all forms of extremism by carefully balancing public security measures with the need for greater investment in communal harmony.
Thank you.
Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka – Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA)