Huawei launches 5G-powered Wi-Fi 6 routers

Huawei launched ten all-new air engine Wi-Fi 6 series models for the Asia Pacific region which are ideal for laying a high-quality fully-wireless campus.

The products stand out with technological innovations such as industry-unique dual-band smart antennas, lossless roaming and dynamic turbo (an intelligent application acceleration technology), said a press release on Tuesday.

Among the new models, the flagship air engine Wi-Fi 6 8760 series boasts 16 spatial streams to deliver 10 Gbps wireless throughput and beyond.

According to Huawei’s forecasts, Wi-Fi 6 will be deployed by 90 percent of enterprises by 2023, making Wi-Fi underlying network technology required for efficient enterprise production and service digitalization.

Li Xing, president of the Campus Network Domain, Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, said: “As new digital services are constantly emerging in enterprises, existing Wi-Fi 5 networks have already encountered bottlenecks that prevent them from meeting these new services.”

Huawei held its online IP Club Carnival with the theme of “Rethink IP, Building the Engine for Digital Transformation” on April 30.

Targeting the Asia Pacific region, this event aimed to help enterprise customers build a more efficient digital transformation engine in the face of the current pandemic.

In attendance at this thought-provoking online activity were more than 25000 delegates from enterprise customers and partners across industries, including government, finance, energy, transportation, healthcare, and education.

source: UNB