Industry appeals for people’ cooperation

BGMEA and BKMEA- two apex trade body for apparel and knitwear manufacturers in joint emergency meeting on Saturday have decided to pay wages and other benefits of five factories of Rana Plaza within in a week.

They also made an appealed to the nation and the labour organizations for cooperation to keep the thousands garments factories in Dhaka and Chittagong running from Monday.

“Total garment industry and the image of the country has fallen victim of image crisis globally from the accident and keeping factories closed will add more to such crisis,” they said in a press briefing after holding the meeting of the two trade bodies.

They urged the government and the oppositions to cooperate in promoting safety and security in the garments factories, its workers and transports, which carry the merchandise to and from the port.

They demanded immediate arrest of the owner of the building along with the engineers, who were responsible to issue permission to construct the structure badly. They urged the factory owners of the building to surrender to the court soon.

BGMEA and BKMEA both organizations issued a notice to all the factories to shift the power generator to the ground floor of factory buildings from upper floors of the buildings within a month.

BGMEA and BKMEA urged the general managers and top officials of the five RMG units housed in the collapsed Rana Plaza to help them to provide the list of the full workers so that their salaries and dues can be paid smoothly.

BGMEA second vice president SM Mannan Kochi and past president Abdus Salam Murshedy spoke at the press briefing at the BGMEA Bhaban last evening.

He also said the BGMEA and BKMEA have decided to float a Disaster Relief Fund to help the Savar building collapse victims and their families.

After the Tazreen fire incident, he said, the latest one has become a urden for them as well as the industry. “If we work collectively, we’ll be able to overcome the image crisis in the global market.” ( Staff Writter)

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